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October 9, 2015


Ready, set, and… action! Making movies seems to have a revival on the internet: we’re brushing our teeth while watching non-branded YouTube tutorials in the morning and dive into a strobing tutorial over lunch. Yes, I’ve heard video is the new big thing for a couple of years now, but now I really starting to feel the buzz.

In an online world where everything seems to be about Vimeo, YouTube and Snapchat, how do you stay relevant with a normal, old-fashioned blog? The digital world is constantly changing and evolving, stretching and expanding, and it is only logical that you stay open for change and look for new ways to stay on top of your game.

Does this mean that you’re not relevant anymore if you don’t use video on you blog? Of course not. But it seems now is the time to start exploring different parts of the online world.

Why start vlogging now?
It can be useful to give a new aspect on your site a try. It will put your blog in a new perspective and you’re able to create new, unique content for your online following. Turn the camera on yourself or on the world around you for a change. Try think of it like a blog post in motion – with soundtrack!

If you feel that you are willing to take the video plunge, these may be the reasons to do it now.

1. Engage your audience in a new way
Video has the potential to be way more interactive than any other content. You can start conversations, do snappy Q&A’s, and give your audience an exciting glimpse into your life, interests and work. A change in media, pace and message can energize your followers and broadens your audience reach. Add a little silliness and honesty (bloopers!) and your relationship with your reader will eventually deepen. It probably will bring in new followers in and alter the dynamic of your overall content.

2. Transform blog content into vlog content
Videotaping may be a new step for you, it is new for your readers too. You will need some time to adjust to making video content – the biggest leap with video is often having the courage to get in front of the camera and speak. Start by shooting the world around you or make a silent clip with music over it, to make it a natural new chapter to your online existence. Getting comfortable with your equipment is the first step to becoming a video master, so include your audience on this journey.

3. Start a conversation on a deeper level
Keep in mind though that for most people it is way more difficult to bring across emotion in writing than it is in a short video clip. Vlogging is blogging on a even more personal level. It will enrich your bond with your followers.

4. Boost your following
There are already a lot of big (think: HRH Collection, Tanya Burr) vloggers out there. As a professional blogger, but beginning vlogger, don’t be afraid to call in some help. Work together with fellow vloggers by sending an email with a cool concept to work on. Get together and tape two videos (or maybe more) at once, so you both generate new content at the same time. You will reach a new group of people, which will boost your subscribers and gives you a vlogging head start. And cut!


Do you watch vlogs often? And do you personally think vlogging is the new blogging?

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