The Five Ways That Travel Can Change Your Life

March 29, 2015

Travelling – in what ever means you do it, totally rocks.


Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Experience new cultures. Appreciating and experiencing the way other people live helps you gain a better understanding of what it means to be human. While people live their lives uniquely all over the world, there’s a common thread of compassion and love through every culture. You can learn new methods of communication and find new ways to bond with people.



2. You become less concerned with material things. The more you broaden your horizons with travel, the better you can understand what makes a life rich, people and experiences. The value of your possessions can take a back seat to learning and experiencing what the world has to offer. I’m sure you can probably see, I’m guilty of having alot of clothes and nice things – and I’m grateful for that! But nice possessions aren’t wonderful memories – and when I reflect on my life, I don’t recall how much that one Alexander Wang handbag contributed to my life – more like… how great was that sunset? How awesome was it to listen  to music with that loyal friend in this exotic location? How much did I laugh when this hilarious thing happened on that train journey to wherever?


3. Become more spontaneous. Planning at the last minute, taking chances and going with the flow are all part of the fun when it comes to visiting somewhere new. You never know what unexpected thrill could be right around the corner.


4. Gain perspective. Sometimes it takes stepping outside your comfort zone and immersing yourself in a new culture to really understand what things in your own life mean the most to you. Travelling keeps you calibrated – the diversity of life is a varied and wonderful thing and the better you understand that, the less you can get caught up on the small stuff.  I love making new connections when I’m travelling, whether it be the taxi driver at the airport, a busker on the street, that person you sit next to on an aeroplane, that girl working a stall on the street. These people all have lives that are so unique – and wherever people come from – there’s always some happiness or goodness to be shared. It’s these connections that put life in perspective and are reminder than everyone has trials – but to search for the positivity is the key for happiness itself.


5. Gain life experience. Putting yourself in unfamiliar surrounds can so often mean you’re challenged in ways you don’t expect and you’ll meet people you wouldn’t normally cross paths with. Authentic travel experiences can change who you are, they can give your strength and help you see the world in a new light. If there’s one thing travel has taught me – it’s to be more organised – because stress hinders your ability to see the most positive part of any situation.tumblr_nkndgfE8aA1qll5dxo1_500

Inspiration: zanita

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