September 5, 2014


Visiting my motherland is always a treat, oh men, you don’t have an idea of how much I miss this! A perfect summer with you’re best mates that its, the one that makes you wish the moment never has to end. Soo… If you have been following me on fussykat,  then you probably know that this is the first post of me in a swimsuit.(showing your body is always a quite tricky part).

A retro-chic inspired  flower print swimsuit is a purchase from Topshop and I decide to mixed with a striped bra. It creates that “maritime atmosphere” and looks really beautiful on the body.

 Laying out in the warm sand all day was definitely what I enjoyed the most.

DSC_0902Flamingo tank? Yes please!

DSC_1263The double-blue colored ocean was mesmerizing!

DSC_07601My favorite TopShop bikini for the trip; everything just seemed more fun when I wore them!

DSC_1342DSC_1339DSC_0093Girls just wanna have fun! DSC_1220DSC_0085It was the perfect blue sky and hot weather to end our stay!


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