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The Soft Glove Mid Shoes

January 26, 2016


It’s sale season, okay?  I never thought I would get myself to buy one of them, but if you find them on a very good price @topshop why not.  A classic most definitely, and at a price point that’s just right. They’re soft pink, the leather is perfect,they really fit like a glove and they’re so comfortable. I know won’t have the same effect on everybody, but I have to tell you I had little crush on them when I discovered them( here) because  even though they’re flat, they hold the some femininity and chic. 

So… what do you think? Would you go for a pair of glove mid shoes this season ?!?

New in, The Fashion Morning

New in: Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses

January 15, 2016


When it comes to sunglasses, I allways go for cat-eye style. Over the years, I’ve tried so many styles in all kinds of funny colors and shapes — but I always come back to a classic cat-eye pair. I love the oversized sunglasses with a feminine shape. For me sunglasses are like shoes and bags, you can never have too many. And once you find your perfect style it’s hard to resist buying a few more.

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Her name is Miss Sicily !

October 7, 2015


miss sicily

The first time I saw this model of bag in Harrods – Dolce and Gabbana sotre, while I was searching for some daily inspiration, my brain knew exactly what to concentrate on, and  considering my obsession with Dolce and Gabbana it didn’t take too long to buy it and the most important for a very good price. What else can I say, Im not only in love with this bag, but I cant wait to style it up with my all outfits 🙂

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Striped Espadrilles

May 5, 2015


I’ve recently bought these shoes and totally fell in love. When I first post about them on same same  I knew this is exactly what I need for this active summer about to come. Love this cute little striped espadrilles from Zara ! So comfy too! I’m such a fan of striped anything, so these were perfect for me.

You can play around with different types of espadrilles, but stick to neutral colors; they’ll go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. If you want to purchase a pair of flat espadrilles then great, I recommend buying a striped pair! They’ll add a perfect touch of print.


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New in: Chains And Straps Ankle Boots !

December 15, 2014


I am a huge lover of boots and this time of year really makes me want to excessively buy them! Booties are a key piece for every season, but when Fall comes around they are essential. They are such a versatile piece to have in your closet. You can easily pair them with just about everything you have- skinnies, boyfriend jeans, maxi dresses, leather skirts, etc. Special details are another thing I look for when buying new booties. I always love chain detailing or some sort of metal or a chunky zipper. This one I bought from La Strada here are perfect for me something a little special with details that aren’t  so loud and chunky.

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New in, Zara


November 5, 2014


When it comes to shoes, I’ve come to believe that perfect suede ankle boots are an urban myth. I’m talking about the kind of ankle boots that you can wear both for day and night, with a pretty decent heel hight that does elongate the legs but doesn’t kill your toes and a special detail that isn’t too overpowering. I love the color of these suede pointed ankle boots I got from Zara! They are not only perfection, but they fit my personal style like a glove.