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HomeDeco: A studio in soft tones

January 22, 2017

These are pastel colors, and particularly mint green ones,  which were chosen in this soft tones studio flat, evoking a feminine universe without excess. But since it’s more a light evocation, than a true bias, it’s enough to remove a few cushions and a plaid on the bed, to obtain a unisex universe. Continue Reading…

Home Deco, The Fashion Morning


November 19, 2016


Morning! This is the period when most of the people normally put up their Xmas decoration. However if you want small modern ideas for your flat in the city or something different that matches your modern deco, this is some inspiration for you. I’ll leave you with this selection of images that I hope you guys like and getting ready for the holidays which are getting closer and closer. Big love and enjoy your weekend! Continue Reading…

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HOME DECO: Extend the sunny days

September 11, 2016


Located in Trancoso, in the state of Bahia, Brazil, the new fashionable destination (and we understand why), Casa Tiba is located 5 minutes walk from the best beach in this city. Its chic ethnic decoration blends the  materials of the region, and the furniture ordered to local artisans. It’s surrounded by luxuriant nature, ensuring complete privacy. So, ready to extend the sunny days? Continue Reading…

Home Deco, Inspiration

HomeDeco: A house among olive trees in Italy

August 22, 2016


Project by Alexander Waterworth in the beautiful region of Puglia in Italy, Masseria Petrarolo, is an old fortified house, built in 1689. It is located in the heart of olive groves and has 8 bedrooms. It has been furnished with a mixture of objects and antique furniture from Italy and the rest of Europe and has retained its original features, despite a heavy renovation. Continue Reading…

Home Deco, Inspiration, The Fashion Morning


July 31, 2016


Astipalaia Island, when seen from an airplane looks like a butterfly surrounded by the blue Aegean Sea. It’s on this jewel of Greece that settled the small hotel Melograno, composed by a set of villas, which have adopted a decoration made from a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The colors palette is sweet, and fits together perfectly into the landscape and the
deep blue sky as it’is only found in Greece.

Continue Reading…