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Street Style

Winter Coat

November 26, 2015


The season of the warm coat is FINALLY upon us – and I wouldn’t say no to a cozy coat like this one. And honestly, with London temperatures, coats are probably the thing I wear out the most.

Street Style, The Fashion Morning


November 10, 2015

20151108135553-2 I have been such a fan of the H&M designer collaborations for years, basically since the first Karl Lagerfeld collection for H&M. Why!?! Because these collaborations  give pretty much everyone access to clothing by creators we love. Continue Reading…

Street Style, The Fashion Morning


October 6, 2015

GeorgianaA woman in a suit might conjure up feelings of a Designing Women nightmare. Suits too often get boxed into two strict categories : the evening tux and the dull work set. But one of my favorite things about suits, is that they can be broken up and worn at more than two occasions. Like say, to an end of summer rosé-o’clock date where a a tailored black blazer wears perfectly with a crisp fitted trousers. Continue Reading…

Street Style, The Fashion Morning

Classic in white, denim and red !

June 29, 2015

An easy look that anyone can throw on together because we all have 1)shoulders off white shirt, 2) denim overall, 3) red flats in our closets. Overalls denim is easily one of my favourite outfits no matter the season. The thing I love most about it is the chance to wear extremely feminine and statement pieces while still looking relaxed and chic. I decided to paired with a red shoes just to adds a little something special to my whole look.

DSC_03011DSC_04491 Continue Reading…