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February 6, 2015


The biggest fear I think every entrepreneur has when starting out with a new project is being afraid to invest a lot of money. The same goes for blogging as a lot of people think it takes a lot of money and investment to do it right. Just to be clear, starting your own blog is very time consuming (but SUPER fun so who cares about time?) but doesn’t necessarily needs a big money investment. If you have the means to invest in it, great, if not here are a couple of tips to reach the same thing without spending too much:

1. Buy a second hand camera and lens: Content is king as they like to say so this is the one thing where you have to spend some money. When I started my blog I purchased a second hand lens and camera which I payed a total of 100 euro for, which is not too bad. I would suggest purchasing a lens with a aperture like 1.4 or 1.8 to get the results most bloggers are looking for. It’s also good to see if you can borrow maybe a family member’s camera the first weeks so you get a feel of what type of camera and lens you’re interested in.

2. Use the web: It costs a lot of money to hire companies to make logo’s and do your webdesign. I say use the web, there are SO many websites that will tell you everything you need to know and trust me it isn’t that hard to do some of these things yourself. Especially installing and using WordPress themes (check out Themeforest) isn’t as hard as it looks.

3. Link swaps: Again, when it comes to getting in all that traffic it isn’t necessary to spend money on ads.  Another thing that’s always good to do is to connect with other bloggers who are just starting out and to do some links swaps so you can help each grow traffic. Don’t be shy, everyone likes to stick together at some point!

4. Borrow clothing: When you’re a fashion blogger you will most likely need clothing to shoot your pictures. To make things a little more exciting you probably want to invest in more clothing so you can have more variation in content. As this will also cost a lot of money try to look around you and see if you can borrow clothes from friends or family. Maybe your mum has something very cool vintage in her closet that you can use for your pictures!

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