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December 31, 2014

the best of 2014

It’s finally here-2015! The new year awaits us right before our eyes and I could not be any more excited and happier for this fresh new start for all of us. It was by far a good year. I’ve experienced both personally and professionally I challenged myself and went after things I thought I couldn’t accomplish. It was a year full of growth, learning, highs and lows, laughter, joy, disappointments… I mean, it was a little bit of everything. With all of the amazing highs I was blessed with, I also had to deal with a few obstacles/challenges/lows. I feel very proud for going through everything and pulling through because it has definitely help made me who I am right now.

Thank you for following along and joining me on my little journey of style.

Wishing you a blessed 2015 full of health, prosperity, happiness, love, passion and success! May this year bring you everything you ever wished for and more… work hard + play harder!

See you in 2015…. love you all. x



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