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March 6, 2015

 Happy Friday! You know Friday means Blog Class!! Xx


We all write articles about how to get traffic to your blog all the time. There are many to be found on the web. This is at first very interesting and good for your blog but at the end of the day you want all your visitors to become returning visitors so you have a loyal following where you can build somewhat of an relationship with.

1. Don’t confuse: Now at first you attract readers because obviously your blog is about something they have an interested in, or you tricked them into visiting your blog to read about a certain topic. Those visitors are very likely to expect reading about the same subject next time they visit your blog so always make sure to create your own niche and write about that. Of course you can play with more categories such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle but make sure you put your the same unique mark on it so people recognize this is your blog they’re reading. Stay true to your niche and the audience that was build around it.

2. Don’t waste people’s time: with this I mean things like putting a heading title on your blog such as: NEW SHOES and when your readers open the post they find out it’s only a teaser and you are not showing your new shoes just yet. As there as so many blogs out there really make it people’s worth while to visit yours and to make sure every article is something that is something that might be interesting for your readers as well.

3. Show some love: don’t ever take for granted that people leave comments on your blog and support you everyday by visiting your blog. The most honoring thing to do in life is to share with the world what you love and have people who appreciate you for what you do. That is why it’s very important to reply to e-mails, truly read your comments and help people and answer questions from your readers. Now I know this is simple too much to do for some bloggers but it’s always nice to say a little thank you every now and then.

4. Be honest: Honesty lasts longest is what they say and to me this is very true. Make sure you ALWAYS write your honest opinion and don’t try to be a sell out just because people are willing to pay a lot of money to write about something that’s close to your heart. It’s very crazy because every time I wrote about something that I wasn’t a 100% sure off I didn’t get a lot of support and didn’t get good traffic that day, which only proves the point that your readers see through this and that they appreciate honesty.

5. Ask feedback: with every job in life it’s always very important to ask feedback. Your readers will appreciate it and if I speak for myself I really like receiving feedback as I feel like you, my readers, are most important to my blog thus my business. As you need a lot of inspiration everyday to maintain a blog it never hurts to just ask your readers how they feel about everything that’s going on with your blog and what they would like to see more of. One thing that gave me a lot of insight is analyzing the search bar (if you have it) on your blog. Through the search bar you can find out exactly what it is people are searching for the most which might be something you can take into consideration.

6. Post frequently: especially when you want to build a long term relationship it’s good to post at the exact same times every day or every week. People very much like some liability in their favorite blogs and would like know when to expect something when they visit your blog. If I am late with my Wednesday post I always get immediate tweets from readers asking when it’s going up. It’s nice to create some series for a couple of month so your blog gets structured and you will have the same type of posts on all days.


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