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October 2016

The Fashion Morning

The Sparkly Dress

October 30, 2016


“The sun rises. Birds are singing or maybe not. The noise of the city breaks through your windows. You look in the mirror, another day is to be gone from your calendar forever in about 17hours. Omelette, moisturizer, Instagram check, coffee, one more page read from the book you started a few weeks ago. You put on your casual sporty outfit. Ready to go. Meeting the people you already know, or are just about to know. Discuss topics you like, and those that you had no interest filling your head with when you woke up this morning. And you have lunch, and you drink water, and you breathe, and you walk, and do all those human things that 7 billion other people are doing on the same planet, maybe at a different time, maybe in a different situation, maybe with a different purpose. You go to bed, and you wake up in the morning. Continue Reading…

The Fashion Morning, Trends

Winter coat: Leopard Print

October 17, 2016


Leopard Print is fall 16 most powerful trend and  probably my favourite coat for this cold season. The leopard is timeless, I love it and I thing that has an amazing effect on a women. And it seems like very easie to wear it. You can paired with basics white, black and grey for an effortless stylish look . Shop here, here and here