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June 2016

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June 26, 2016


High ceilings, cement tiles, moldings This apartment on the particular charm and classical base, needed a rejuvenation. I love the presence of wooden elements in pastel colors like pistachio and pink, whether for the dining room table or the headboard. These are the two elements that bring the sweetness from the use of pastel. I’ll leave you with a selection of images of some of my fave ones, what do you guys think? Enjoy your Sunday!

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The Fashion Morning

Summer Lace

June 25, 2016

Georgiana Ciornei Mint lace dress

Does anyone else feel like the mint green colour is looking extra fresh recently?

This is kind of the Summer elegant look in London. A simple  lace dress and stilettos – It couldn’t be much simpler. But what makes my look stand out is that bit of glitter from the colour of the dress which a really love it and the back details.

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Inspiration, The Fashion Morning

We’re All Made of Stars

June 2, 2016


On Twin Magazine: “Much of the very matter that makes up every living being including you, dear readers, is comprised of particles formed shortly after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Without going down the rabbit hole that is the law of the conservation of mass (matter is neither created nor destroyed), suffice it to say we are all up in this piece because the universe has been doing its thing since, well, time began. Continue Reading…