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May 2016

Home Deco, The Fashion Morning

Home Deco: Sweet Summer House

May 29, 2016

SM0Simplicity has never been more delightful. Such a natural beautiful place to live … This summer house  proves that you don’t have to go overboard on the interiors front to create a wonderful and functional space that will bring lots of happy memories for years to come. I for one am absolutely in love with it…

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My Style, The Fashion Morning

Lemons for Summer

May 24, 2016


This lemon print dress inspired by the 50s is one of my favorite pieces for this summer, because it looks very feminine and easy at the same time. It’s comfortable and offers the elegant causality we all look for in hot days. I’ve paired with a basic Dolce and Gabbana red flats for a beautiful and stylish daytime look.

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Home Deco, The Fashion Morning


May 22, 2016


The flat of today’s post has lots of references to fashion, from the magazines to the picture frames including what looks like a tiny studio-atelier. I love the way white surfaces work perfectly creating a super chic vibe. Nothing is missing in this small one-bedroom, ready to install!  I’ll leave you with the rest of images, hope you guys like them. Continue Reading…

The Fashion Morning

What’s your relationship with your phone like?

May 18, 2016

Georgiana Ciornei of The Fashion Morning wearing Dolce & GabbanaWe’re all addicted to our phones, let’s be honest. (I grab my phone first things after I wake up and it’s the last things I see before I go to bed. Sometimes I even end up taking my phone into the shower without realizing, and I guess you do it too ). We’re all a bit crazy when it comes to checking them in every possible situation. Continue Reading…

Home Deco, The Fashion Morning


May 15, 2016


Inside outside the summer furniture

Outdoor furniture are now so aesthetic, that it is possible not only to create true outdoor living rooms very welcoming, but also install them inside if you feel like it. Have a great Sunday everyone!!Xx

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My Style, The Fashion Morning


May 14, 2016

201605121 pm3220-21

I am pretty fascinated by the world Dolce & Gabbana are building right now and I always find a good inspiration for my outfits.  The classic, feminine dress silhouettes are my favourites. The beautiful lace and silk details on this Dolce and Gabbana dress are a delicate touch that weigh nothing but make quite a statement.

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May 12, 2016

celine vs zara georgiana ciornei

Celine mules “weird” shoes are a hit for quite a lot of seasons now, get the same for less in Zara (here). I just wonder how we can walk with those though.